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Good Policy Management is the Best Way to Reduce Reactive Support

So many times we hear some one say that they are proactive and not reactive in their approach to support.  It is an approach to systems management and support that is sound and makes sense, but getting there is tricky right?  100% proactive support is unrealistic, as are flying unicorns, but there are certainly tools and tricks to maximizing proactive work and to minimizing the load that reactive support activities place on your IT organization.

If you were to build a set of processes to minimize your reactive support activities, you would be faced with a very long list.  So the natural progression to that list of proactive tasks would be to automate those task as much as possible.  Still even with the execution of those tasks automated (which Kaseya does very well) you need to verify the results/conditions that come out of those tasks.  This is where Policy Management comes into play.

With Kaseya Policy Management you have a way to bundle those tasks, execute, and report on those tasks so that you only have to react to exceptions.  I’ve seen and heard of endless permutations of how to configure the policies, but the bottom line is you can do it.  Start with the goal in mind, or the SLA, or the machine types, and the requirements those dictate, then build your policies, and undoubtedly you will find even more ways to automate and streamline your activities to get closer to that proactive goal that you talk so highly of.

Read more about Kaseya Policy Management here.

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