Customer Perspective: Scott Brown, President TimbukTech

TimbukTech has been using Kaseya for about 6 years here and it has truly changed our business. I went from a break/fix to a mostly proactive support methodology and can now handle many more endpoints per technician. I can now easily automate more tasks than I ever could have imaged. Unfortunately, similar to most companies, we have also had our down times with the product. I have run into everything from sub-par handling of support tickets, to releases and updates with major issues. At other times I have wondered if anybody ever really thought out some of the “enhancements” that have been put in place.

Recently I was invited to take part in the newly formed Kaseya Consumer Advisory Council. At first, I couldn’t believe it. Was there really going to be a good avenue to present feedback to those who direct the product? It appears that is exactly what is happening. The council is formed from a very diverse group of MSPs from all around the globe and range from hundreds to tens of thousands of endpoints managed. The council had the pleasure of meeting face to face for the first time at Kaseya Connect and really dive into what the purpose of this group is.

The CAC is giving us, the MSPs, a voice to help direct some of the new features before they are fully integrated. We are being given the opportunity to talk with the product managers and execs to gather ideas and help develop ideas from the ground up. As Kaseya Test Pilots, when the product reaches a beta stage, we are given the chance to run through these modules and enhancements to make sure they truly perform as intended, are integrated into other features properly, and have the full capabilities they need to help make our lives easier. In the past two months this group has already had some significant input into new modules, enhancements, and even voiced some concerns and recommendations for the support side of the house. I am looking forward working with other Kaseya members over this next year and seeing this council drive greater success for us all.

Scott Brown
President/Network Engineer
TimbukTech Inc

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  1. Would love to have been asked to sit on something like this. It’s great to hear people’s stories on the community but I don’t think people open up like they would in person.

    Scott – do you mind me asking what your figures are on the lines of endpoints per tech?

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