Remote Access for Supporting and Securing Hospital IT Operations

Hospitals typically have lean IT staffs tasked with supporting hundreds of employees across multiple departments using dozens of different applications from many different software vendors. Each of these applications routinely requires remote access for maintenance, patches, troubleshooting and software upgrades. In addition to supporting the ongoing operation of the hospital, IT staffs must manage these activities without compromising hospital IT security.

Application interconnectivity and reliability are essential for keeping patient data flowing between departments to ensure quality healthcare. Application failure, data corruption or even slow performance are potentially life threatening and unacceptable. A single application outage can affect multiple hospital departments.

Hospitals are challenged with opposing priorities – application uptime is critical, but the methods to attain it are at odds with security and privacy regulations. HIPAA requirements pressure hospital IT staffs to implement well-defined security policies and systems. Civil penalties for non-compliance in the tens of thousands of dollars (plus the threat of potential criminal penalties), require keeping patient data secure… and hospital IT systems need to pass rigorous audits in order to prove HIPAA compliance.

To increase productivity and responsiveness, IT professionals in hospitals need to access servers, workstations and mobile computers securely and quickly. Kaseya delivers a complete, fast and secure remote access and remote control solution – even behind firewalls and NAT.

Kaseya FREE establishes a new paradigm for remote access and troubleshooting tools. This SaaS-based utility keeps track of each device supported by hospital IT staff. It resolves problems without requiring taking remote control of the computer. Kaseya FREE is a simple and reliable troubleshooting tool for hospital IT operations.

With Kaseya you can:

  • Eliminate the daily trauma from your IT service delivery
  • Automate your daily IT tasks and manage devices in multiple locations
  • Efficiently manage hundreds of devices through one interface saving time, hassle, money and resources
  • Increase the overall security of your IT environment
  • Minimize the challenges of maintaining HIPAA compliance by automating IT tasks

From remote access to remote support to complete IT automation, the Kaseya IT Management Suite provides solutions for healthcare and hospital IT departments of all sizes.

Learn more about how Kaseya can support your hospital IT security and support issues.

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2 thoughts on “Remote Access for Supporting and Securing Hospital IT Operations

  1. Remote desktop software is very popular nowadays. And I would support the increase of its demand. That’s a very useful tool for work organization if offices, handy software when you always need an access to your PС but can’t physically present to control it. You can fix your computer remotely and you can manage the working process wherever you are (different city or different continent). I recommend it when you have many offices in different places and you need to organize the working process from one place.

    1. Thanks for the comment Sean. Respectfully, we provide a solution to remote access which is why we wrote this post. You are welcome to comment on our posts but please do not use our blog as a platform to promote or sell your products. ps – I have edited your comment accordingly.

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