IT Security Just as Crucial for Community Banks and Credit Unions

Community banks and credit unions are the lifeblood of small towns around the country, providing their customers and members with the same financial services that the larger banks offer. Just as with the larger banks, small community banks and credit unions must keep their information secure, and they must accomplish that with much less capital investment than their larger counterparts.

Even in small communities, bank IT security administration takes place in an ever-changing landscape of new devices, new software, new vulnerabilities and new tools. As threats to computer security evolve, so do the practices and tools for IT security in banks. This diversity of computing devices significantly complicates bank IT security management and planning.

So, how can small bank IT administrators secure computing systems, defend them against attacks, limit damage proactively, and recover from attacks rapidly? Keeping systems secure requires vigilance and upgraded tools.

Greater Visibility with Single, Integrated Bank IT Security Tool

Community banks and credit unions need greater visibility into their networks in order to better manage all of their devices. With Kaseya’s network discovery and network monitoring functionality, administrators can view all the details of their network through a single integrated management console.

Kaseya has a set of software tools designed to help small banks secure, manage and protect their networks and computing devices. These bank IT security tools integrate with the Kaseya framework to provide community bank and credit union IT departments with tighter security, better network management and additional disaster recovery options.

Available through cloud or on-premises delivery, Kaseya’s IT security modules include anti-virus, anti-malware, network discovery, network monitoring, and online back-up. These modules enable small bank IT security administrators to protect against network attacks, find and manage network endpoints more quickly, and plan for all types of data recovery.

Learn more about how Kaseya can support your community bank or credit union’s network IT security issues.


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