Mobile Device Management for the Healthcare IT Industry

Mobile device management in healthcare is on the rise, driven by a new generation of ever-more capable mobile devices, higher bandwidth and higher availability wireless coverage, and the demand from clinicians and patients for more convenient application access. This is an issue which is important to hospital CIOs and healthcare providers.

Tablets and smartphones are very popular among healthcare providers and have redefined the doctor-patient relationship. While hospitals are allocating budgets for developing mobile medical applications, doctors and nurses are using mobile devices to keep track of patient records, discuss medical cases in online forums, view clinical data and issue prescriptions. Although these mobile devices offer physicians ease of use, flexibility and faster decision-making power, the situation becomes complicated when critical patient information resides on unsecured devices. Deployment of IT strategies for mobile device management in healthcare that secures data and complies with HIPAA and HITECH regulations is a must. While it’s necessary to add a degree of rigor, it doesn’t have to be that difficult to combine security with rapid deployment and enrollment.

Keeping track of, protecting and updating mobile devices requires visibility into wide-reaching cellular networks that are off-limits to hospital IT administrators. As users continue to access clinical data, patient information and medical applications on their mobile devices, healthcare organizations can now use Kaseya Mobile Device Management to implement business continuity, accessibility and security policies on those devices.

Key Benefits of Kaseya’s Mobile Device Management Solution

  • Extends IT systems management policies to mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android phones and tablets.
  • Protects clinical data and patient information no matter where it resides or is accessed from.
  • Reduces help desk requests and increases IT efficiency via over the air (OTA) management capabilities.
  • Manages all devices from desktops and servers to mobile devices from a single pane of glass for consistency and transparency throughout the healthcare organization.

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