Will Windows 8 be more than just a surface change?


Every few months a new device, operating system or piece of software will come out that thumbs its nose at your existing IT policies or mocks your carefully maintained software infrastructure. And with a major new Windows operating system and tablet about to be released, how prepared are you? Keep up at the back there! There’s a new arms race going on, but if you’re in business it’s one you can’t afford to lose. On one side there’s innovation, constantly upgrading its arsenal. On the other there’s you, desperately trying to keep up. To ignore each new development could hand a competitive advantage to more flexible competitors while simultaneously weakening your own IT environment by not recognising the potential risks and impact to your business. Smartphones, tablets and cloud – oh my! Microsoft has now added to the challenge with the upcoming release of both the radically different Windows 8 operating system and their first tablet (also using Windows 8), Surface. Windows 8 is such a departure from previous MS operating systems that it’s not so much an upgrade as a complete rethink. Such a big change and the adjustment involved may prompt many to stick with Windows 7 (or even an earlier OS). But ignoring the new OS doesn’t address the problem. It merely delays it until you are forced to upgrade just to keep up. And the Surface tablet adds yet another device into the list of things to manage. For offices that have already adapted to the reality of employees using iPads and Android tablets, Surface raises the same considerations yet again for a third. How much of an impact will the Surface have in the workplace? That will depend on your business. But there’s no doubt Microsoft hopes that offices moving to Windows 8 will adopt Surface over competing tablets for a more seamless integration of devices that can be more easily managed. Embrace change and take back control At this early stage, it’s hard to predict how much of an impact Windows 8 and Surface will have. But whatever happens, every business will need to assess what it means to them, the opportunities and the risks, and form a strategy based on the outcome. Whether you choose to upgrade to Windows 8 or wait until the dust settles, Kaseya automation software can help you manage your entire software infrastructure. And should Microsoft Surface tablets turn into the next must-have employee gadget, Kaseya has management software that can easily integrate all your mobile devices for maximum security. Are you excited by Windows 8 and Surface, or will you be sticking to an old OS?

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