Kaseya System Backup and Recovery: Your DR Dreams Come True

Let’s be honest we all play favorites. Favorite sports teams, favorite foods, favorite spot to park at the office. Perfectly in line with this facet of human nature, IT pros are notoriously loyal to products that they love. How many of you have ever had the Apple vs Microsoft debate? iOS vs Android? HP vs Dell? How many of you had one of those debates again today?

There is an area of technology that tends to have exceptionally loyal and exceptionally discerning followers, that is data and system backup. For years, especially before virtualization, the debate was about choosing the backup solution that, pardon the vernacular here, sucked the least. Of course, as technology infrastructure has evolved so have the system/data backup tools.

One such product that has an enthusiastic following is StorageCraft Shadow Protect. Ask anyone who has used this product long enough to need its protection and they most likely can regale you with a story of their heroics supported by a rock steady product that reliably and consistently protects and restores data.

It is this kind of track record in data protection that led us to our latest product, Kaseya System Backup and Restore (KSBR).

“Today we’re continuing to deliver integrated leading solutions like StorageCraft ShadowProtect to our customers through the power of Kaseya,” said Jim Alves, executive vice president at Kaseya. “The combination of our integrated technologies will help customers speed recovery, improve stability and accessibility to their data and systems.”
KSBR is the first management module that gives IT professionals the ability to leverage their current StorageCraft investment from within the familiar Kaseya environment. So no need to scrap your previous investments in StorageCraft licensing.

We are really excited to get this into the hands of our customers.

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5 thoughts on “Kaseya System Backup and Recovery: Your DR Dreams Come True

  1. We are using Kaseya and we are Not happy with it !

    Two options :

    The product is Not really so good as we imagined?

    Thé French Team is very Bad !

    Whois have thé awnser

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