Higher Education IT: Governor Perry’s Path to a $10,000 4-Year Degree?

IT management in education: $10K college degrees
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You may be asking, what do rising college tuition and fees have to do with education IT. Well, in response to rising college tuition and fees, Texas Governor Rick Perry again called for public colleges and universities in his state to deliver 4-year degrees for $10,000 or less.

“A $10,000 degree provides an opportunity for students to earn a low-cost, high-quality degree that will get them where they want to go in their careers and their lives,” said Governor Perry in a recent Wall Street Journal story.

The average cost (tuition and fees) to earn a 4-year degree is approximately $30,000. Add room, board, books, and it no mystery why graduates are deeply in debt.

Thus far, 10 Texas schools, among them Texas A&M San Antonio, have responded to the governor’s plea with 4-year degree programs with tuition and fees totaling less than $10,000.

Collaborating with San Antonio high schools and a local community college, A&M’s program gives students who enter at the start of their junior year a chance to earn 60 college credits before they graduate from high school. Credits are earned by taking dual-enrollment courses taught by Alamo Colleges’ faculty or by high school teachers certified to teach the college-level courses.

After high school, students go to Alamo Colleges for a year before a final year of intensive study at Texas A&M San Antonio. Graduates earn a Bachelor in Applied Arts and Sciences (B.A.A.S) degree in IT. Tuition and fees are less than $10,000. (See Texas A&M’s press release and Thomas Lindsey’s NRO post for details.)

Automate Education IT to Balance Public College Budgets

As state legislatures struggle to balance budgets, public colleges are getting fewer dollars, and education IT department budgets are feeling the squeeze. One strategy: Automate education IT management using Kaseya.  See, manage, and respond through a single pane of glass.

See it work. Join Chuck Jones, Technology Chief at Jackson-Madison County School District, for a 45-min webinar on a day in the life of an education IT guru. Work smarter, not harder!

My prediction: If public higher education becomes more affordable in Texas, it will be mostly because colleges and universities find better ways to use information technology. The greatest change in the cost of higher education will come from education IT management innovation.

How large a role will education IT play in changing the way students learn in the next 5-10 years?  Where will the largest savings come from? Is Perry’s objective of a 4-year degree for $10,000 achievable? Share your thoughts!

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