Confession time: Is crossing your fingers part of your endpoint security efforts?

Jeff Keyes

My name is Jeff Keyes and I’m a sinner.

OK…not really…but I was thinking I’m a sinner because this is my FIRST official blog post with Kaseya.  I can’t believe I’ve not ever posted anything in a blog in my almost 5 years here which has spanned between the engineering teams and now my role on the product marketing team.  Thanks to Bob Davis for catching my hidden marketing passion stuck inside of a developer mind and getting me here – LOVING it!

So…Are you a sinner?  I’m not talking about whether you have a blog at your company, I’m talking about whether you are a security sinner.

  • Are you in charge of the security best practices at your company and are you doing the right things for your environment?
  • Do you really care about reducing the attack surface at your company or are you doing just enough to not get blamed if / when something goes wrong?
  • Do you believe network and endpoint security is something that can actually be measured and managed?

Maybe you can just spend some money on security products and sign off knowing that you’ve done something for security and if something happens…well….you can point to the money you spent and cross your fingers that you wont be blamed if something happens.

Or will you be blamed?

At the end of the day, its your job to keep the IT environment running smoothly.  When there are security problems, you will be asked why you didn’t prevent the problem in the first place.

Scott Crawford

Come listen in on a webinar I did with Scott Crawford, Managing Research Director at EMA last week.  He’ll walk you through the top seven deadly (security) sins that he sees in his associations.  He also gives some guidelines of things to think about in your daily jobs.

It’s like my grandpa always said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”


 Click here to watch our webinar:7 Deadly Sins of Endpoint Security

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