Importance of Data Protection for Today’s Mobile Workforce

The rising demands of mobility, big data and the cloud have increased security risks on corporate networks. The importance of data protection in strengthening your network for the future requires intelligent IT management that takes a holistic approach: it uses bandwidth efficiently while securing data and provides tools for agile management and monitoring of applications. It ensures a consistent and positive experience for end users while keeping information safe.

Up until recently, mission-critical data was stored exclusively on centralized servers. Now information resides everywhere as users create, access and share data while on the go and from multiple devices. As accessibility has evolved, the importance of data protection in securing that data has grown. These multiple (and mobile) devices need to be backed up as reliably as servers in the data center.

Does your current data protection solution allow for central management of file and folder level backups of all devices in your IT environment, regardless of whether you are currently logged into the corporate network? If not, you should consider one such solution – Kaseya Data Backup – that does this and more.

The importance of data protection on multiple, including mobile devices, is at the forefront of Kaseya Data Backup. It simplifies and centralizes the process of managing, monitoring and reporting on distributed backups. Administrators can set various rules for files or folders that need to be backed up (by device and across multiple devices) and apply filters by file type, file location, date created or last edited. The backups can be scheduled by month, week, day, hour or minute, and even on demand. Continuous Data Protection (CDP) capabilities automatically and continuously back up files that have been edited, renamed or changed. The dashboard monitors cycles, alerts administrators to failed or successful backups, and generates easy-to-read status updates that can be integrated with other IT systems management reports.

Protect critical data across all devices in your corporate IT environment. Try the Data Backup tool today.

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