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4 Disaster Recovery Planning Tips from Clint Eastwood

Although it’s a stretch to cast Clint Eastwood as an IT disaster recovery expert, Eastwood characters, especially in his most recent two movies: Gran Torino and Trouble with the Curve, have spoken some lines that illustrate sound IT business continuity and disaster recovery planning principles.

“I know what you’re thinking, ‘Did he fire six shots or only five? Well to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I kind of lost track myself.”

These lines were spoken by Eastwood as .44-magnum-wielding inspector Harry Callahan in Dirty Harry (1971). The lines remind me that human beings are prone to losing track of tiny details, especially when they are under stress.

We all lose track of details. That’s the reason it makes sense in your overall disaster recovery planning strategy to automate routine IT tasks like data backup using a system such as Kaseya System Backup and Restore (KSBR). With image-based backups and an OEM Integration of StorageCraft’s Shadow Protect, KSBR will automatically make backups that will make you a hero in the event of an IT disaster.

“If you want a guarantee, Mr. Ackerman, buy a toaster.”

This line was spoken by Eastwood as Nick Pulovski in The Rookie (1990). The father of Nick’s new rookie partner is trying to bribe veteran cop Eastwood into keeping his son safe on the mean streets of Los Angeles. The only guarantee is that eventually business continuity and disaster recovery planning will be tested. And such tests come more often than you might think.

At a recent Kaseya webinar coincidently on disaster recovery, the moderator asked participants how recently they had dealt with a system failure that required new hardware and/or a rebuild.

Just shy of a third (30.6%) indicated they had experienced such a failure within the last 6 months. Almost half (47.3%) had experienced such an incident within the last 12 months.

“He can’t hit the curve.”

Clint Eastwood as aging Braves’ scout Gus Lobel informs the team’s owners that they should not spend a first round draft pick on a prospect because Eastwood has found a hole in his swing.

Disaster recovery planning requires running simulations. The key part of ensuring that a disaster recovery plan will work is testing it the real world. In the film, a rival scout only examines the star player’s stats on a laptop and concludes he’s a can’t-miss pick. Gus sees what the stats don’t reveal by watching some live at bats. Part of business continuity has to be running simulations to discover IT vulnerabilities in as close to real conditions as possible. Are you running regular tests of your disaster recovery plans?

“Go ahead, make my day.”

This line is spoken by Eastwood as Dirty Harry Callahan in the 1983 film Sudden Impact. Confident in his own ability to control the situation, Eastwood is eager to confront a stick-up artist on his beat.

Although no one wishes for a real test of disaster recovery planning, having the right systems in place can make you more confident about how well your plans will work.

Kaseya’s KSBR module can deliver image-based backups of a complete system (applications, configurations, settings, and data) and because it works inside a single-pane interface, it will make you much more confident of your capacity to respond to outages and keep your company’s mission critical IT systems humming along peacefully.

Try the new System Backup and Restore tool.  It will make your day!

7 thoughts on “4 Disaster Recovery Planning Tips from Clint Eastwood

  1. What DR planning discussion would be complete without asking the question, “Do I feel lucky?”, from the same Dirty Harry scene as your “six shots or five” reference.

    1. “Do I fee lucky” is always the thought when loading a backup tape. Amazing how often tapes have a bad spot and are useless….

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