Executive Perspectives: Bob Davis, Chief Marketing Officer

As I look forward to a busy year with all we have planned, I’m struck by the progress of 2012 and the critical role that our customer and partner communities played in making it happen.

The road to perfection is constant improvement. I’m not sure we ever get there, in any business let alone the software business, but constant improvement is not only attainable, it is imperative. That imperative is attained through focus on customer satisfaction, through open dialog with customers, through involvement in the industries and markets that we participate in, and through careful attention to the best practices in every discipline that get stitched together to bring world class products and services to market.

2012 was a year where Kaseya, together with our customers and partners, made great progress. This is evident in the release of our latest products, highlighted by version 6.3 of our platform. It is evident in the continued improvement of our customer support. It is evident in the programs that we put together to bring our Kaseya ecosystem closer together. It is evident in the increase in Kaseya Certified Engineers. What is critical to keep in mind is that all of this was done in concert with the outstanding community of users and partners that make up Kaseya. Kaseya is not about the company itself, rather it is about that community that extends around the globe and through all aspects of the markets we serve and the people and organizations that make up that ecosystem.

Kaseya Connect 2013 is coming up in a few short months. It is an event dedicated to moving our ecosystem forward on that journey of constant improvement. It will be held at the Four Seasons Hotel and Spa in Las Vegas, from April 29th through May 1st. I hope that you will all consider this in your planning for this year. In fact, we are already a month ahead of last year in terms of registrations, and last year was the biggest event yet. We expect about 750 attendees and a program that covers everything from product news and details, to hands on demos, to educational opportunities, and to programs and product offerings from our third party and industry expert partners. Most importantly it provides an opportunity to network with the other attendees and Kaseya staff.

The ability to network might be the most compelling outcome of the event. The feedback we get at Kaseya Connect is truly invaluable. Last year we discussed and demonstrated our upcoming release, version 6.3. As a direct result of the input received at the show, we made several changes to the product and many key modules. We added Credential Management, Quick Search and an ability to flag special case computers through the incorporation of the Icon Badge. Additionally, there were changes to reporting, Service Desk and Discover that can all be attributed to customer input.

Last year I wrote about customers being our number 1 priority. With that as the mantra, we all worked together to make 2012 a memorable year of advancements. You are all a part of Kaseya, and we love working with you. I look forward to welcoming a record number of you to Kaseya Connect this year!

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