Shadow IT Data Protection – Resistance is Futile, How Do You Cope?

Remember the days when you had full control of your IT infrastructure? No hardware or software could be brought into the business without the IT seal of approval. Business users had neither the knowledge nor the resources to acquire or maintain data protection technology. Things have changed.

Shadow IT is hardware or software within an organization that isn’t sanctioned or supported by the IT department. Shadow IT solutions are often not in line with an organization’s requirements for control, documentation, security, reliability, etc. In the past, shadow IT was often the result of an employee’s desire for immediate access to hardware, software or web services without going through the steps required to obtain the data protection technology through corporate channels. Today, the consumerization of IT and cloud computing have expanded shadow IT to include personal data protection technology (aka BYOD – bring your own device).

Addressing Data Protection and Security Risks

In an effort to address data protection and security issues, IT departments have developed and imposed BYOD policies. These policies may stipulate that the company can capture and retain a full image of user devices at a secure location. Assuming data protection and security issues associated with a BYOD policy have been formalized in your disaster recovery plans, your policy should include provisions to back up personal devices at a prescribed frequency using an automated backup tool.

One such data protection tool is Kaseya Data Backup. It simplifies and centralizes the process of managing, monitoring and reporting on distributed backups. Administrators can set various rules for files or folders that need to be backed up (by device and across multiple devices) and apply filters by file type, file location, date created or last edited. The backups can be scheduled by month, week, day, hour or minute, and even on demand. Continuous Data Protection (CDP) capabilities can automatically and continuously backup files that have been edited, renamed or changed.

Protect critical data across all devices in your corporate IT environment. Try the Data Backup tool today.


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