How to follow Kaseya Connect 2013 from anywhere!


Kaseya Connect 2013 is here and no matter where you are we have a way for you to learn, connect, and explore the largest Kaseya user conference ever!

Watch the LIVE stream so you don’t miss any of the latest insights from Kaseya executives, product and industry experts.

Throughout the conference there will be opportunities to discuss and network both in person and online with the very best MSPs and IT professionals in the world so don’t be shy. You don’t want to miss out.

There’s lots of way to follow the latest:

No matter where you post/share during the show be sure to use #KaseyaUC so that we can all learn and experience Kaseya Connect 2013 together!

2 thoughts on “How to follow Kaseya Connect 2013 from anywhere!

    1. Thanks Rebecca! We won’t be posting the Sugar Ray presentation, but the others are being compiled and should be available for viewing shortly.

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