AVG acquires Level Platforms (LPI) – Now what?

Last week AVG purchased one of the players in the Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) space – Level Platforms.  This may make you wonder what impact this will have on your KES deployments. Kaseya has had a long relationship with AVG Technologies having integrated the engine back in 2006.  So, you might be wondering what this all means to Kaseya and how things might change in the future.

The Value of Choice.   Being locked into a single solution leads to proprietary dead ends.  One of Kaseya’s goals has always been to provide a platform that integrates with many solutions.  As a platform, you automate those areas of your IT organization using Kaseya that make sense for your operations.  Especially given our world of change, seems like IT organizations are swapping some portion of their toolset each year.  We continually offer a choice of tools allowing you to pick from best-of-breed vendors and mix them together as you see fit.  Kaseya does this by integrating the monitoring, deployment, management, and upkeep of each vendor’s toolset to provide a unified management platform across ALL of your IT operations.  Use Kaseya as the platform to push whatever tools you need such that you always have the latest and greatest thing.

Coopetition In Action.  (Yeah…Coopetition IS a word.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coopetition)  Kaseya has a long standing history of working with many vendors.  In continuing the message of choice, Kaseya has cooperated with vendors that have competing solutions in one area or another.  The important thing has always been a cooperative solution to our joint customers.  It can be challenging to work with the variety of vendors, but that is the value of Kaseya in bringing together different vendors for the benefit of our customers.

Kaseya as a Platform.  Expanding the Kaseya ecosystem got even larger as we made significant commitments to the Kaseya API and the 3rd party plug-in model.  This has enabled groups outside of Kaseya to develop add-on modules that integrate their particular solution into the Kaseya Unified Management Platform.  These modules achieve even deeper integration into the Kaseya world while continuing to provide the single pane of glass view that you need and expect as a Kaseya customer.

The Kaseya Ecosystem.  Put  these values  together to recognize some specific areas and the choices we (collectively) offer to our customers

  • Service Desk: Kaseya Service Desk, ConnectWise, AutoTask, and the EmailReader (enables simple & light weight integration to other ticketing systems). We just performed an integration to ServiceNow.
  • Antivirus:  AVG (KES), Kaspersky (KAV), Symantec, Trend, ESET.  We also have scripts in the community to check and manage other AV vendors.
  • Backup:  Acronis (KBU), Storage Craft (KSBR), Kaseya Backup (KDB), & AppAssure.  We also have scripts in the community to monitor and manage other vendors.

Kaseya Security Center.  If you haven’t heard, we are working on the next versions of Kaseya Antivirus powered by Kaspersky Labs and Kaseya Antimalware powered by Malwarebytes.  These are rolled into a common module known as the Kaseya Security Center.  We are currently in controlled release of the module which will upgrade and replace the KAV and KAM modules.  This is part of our vision to then incorporate other engines such as AVG into the Kaseya Security Center in addition to providing complete visibility into other AV vendor’s current status and management allowing you to deploy and manage the right technologies for your organization.  All of this makes it easier for you to have a choice.




AVG Purchases LPI.  Who cares?  That is my question.  We will continue to give customers a choice.




8 thoughts on “AVG acquires Level Platforms (LPI) – Now what?

  1. You’ll continue to offer a choice to customers, but will AVG continue to offer their engine to KES to Kaseya users?

    This is the question.

  2. As Claudio asks, will AVG continue their partnership with Kaseya?

    What about my current used and unused licenses? Is there an upgrade or change over path?
    Not to mention the costs involved in making the changes.

  3. Yep, Claudio and Steve have hit the nail on the head. Will AVG continue their partnership with Kaseya or not? Do you have any information or continuity guarantees?

    Also, as Steve says, what about the current licensing situation? I would definitely not be happy if we had to go and buy a whole bunch of new licenses for another solution because AVG pull the plug on you.

    Unfortunately, Jeff, your blog post doesn’t really answer the key questions, so I look forward to your response.

    1. We continue to invest in the AVG engine from AVG technologies. There are LOTS of endpoints deployed out which represents a commitment to the solution from both Kaseya and AVG. Expect no changes in that commitment. That was really the purpose of my post – this kind of thing has already been going on in other solutions.


  4. We’re migrating away from KES to KAV, the only thing stopping a complete move away is the lack of Exchange plugin in Kaspersky.

    Jeff, do you know the roadmap for an Exchange plugin – or is there an alternative to AVG that will give me that function?

  5. On the Exchange plug-in, I did some surveys a while back and the Exchange Plug-in didn’t rate as highly as other features…so…its not been the highest level of priority. Drop me a mail to discuss more options here (or if you have lots of interest in the Exchange side of things)


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