It’s the most wonderful..err…stressful time of year, for IT


It’s almost that time of the year again. By now you’re hearing those jolly Christmas tunes on the radio. Retailers are offering their Black Friday deals, pre-Black Friday deals, and pre-post-Black Friday.  Lots of businesses will be very pleased because this can mean huge revenue spikes. However with the increasing number of online purchases people are making, comes added stress on the IT infrastructure.

A good example of this is from the Netherlands two years ago when a major provider of payment services had an outage on Christmas Eve. While there was no widespread panic, this downtime had serious consequences for businesses who were forced to take cash only. If there wasn’t an ATM nearby then business came to a complete standstill. Can you imagine Walmart on Black Friday without credit card processing? You’d have to call in peacekeeping forces.

This same type of overload can happen to any online business.  With executives hoping for record-breaking holiday sales, IT must be certain it can monitor traffic from the network layer to the application layer to assure uptime and availability during peak traffic periods. In the case of unexpected downtime, every second counts in restoring access to the website. In order to speed up this process, it is vital to monitor the entire environment and detect if there is anything that could threaten the accessibility of any web storefronts or backend systems for inventory and payments.

 If greater network monitoring capabilities are on your holiday wish list, then we have an early Christmas present for you — Kaseya Traverse. Kaseya Traverse gives you enterprise level monitoring for all aspects of your IT environment. This includes applications, databases, network infrastructure, data center equipment, servers, VoIP, and more.  Traverse offers a service-centric view of a company’s distributed, cloud and datacenter infrastructure, allowing you to map business services to the underlying IT infrastructure components that support them.

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