Kaseya Drives into Public Cloud Monitoring, Management and Control with Unigma

A few months back at Kaseya Connect 2017 in Las Vegas, we announced the acquisition of Unigma, a leading cloud monitoring company. Kaseya has now added public cloud monitoring and management to the ever-growing Kaseya IT Complete solutions stack.

Kaseya IT Complete is an architecture and solutions stack for MSPs and IT groups in particular vertical markets, such as healthcare and higher education. With this stack, a vast swath of IT operations can be automated and secured.

As IT shops and MSPs move applications to the cloud, they need visibility and insight into what they are using and paying for. Often users buy a cloud service, keep adding workloads, and are shocked when the bill rises. With Unigma, those surprises come to an end.

Unigma, now labeled Unigma by Kaseya, is a unified cloud management platform that saves customers money, automates cloud management functions, and carefully monitors performance.

The Unigma solution works on the largest public cloud platforms, including AWS, Google Cloud and Azure. The tool is aimed at both MSPs and IT departments. “We’ve seen more and more companies opt to go with public clouds for the sheer benefits of innovation that they offer in addition to better data security, flexibility, access and efficiency than companies’ own private clouds could be built to compete with. There are some drawbacks to working with public clouds, however, if a unified way to manage them isn’t taken into consideration before service begins and as it operates every hour of every day,” explained Unigma founder Kirill Bensonoff. “We created Unigma to take the guesswork out of optimal public cloud usage for IT departments and MSPs before day one.”

Keeping Costs in Check

Cloud services can be quite complex, with multiple tiers and hidden costs. For instance, prices can go up when new features are added, workloads increased, or capacity added. A study by Research in Action found that 79 percent of the 486 IT respondents are worried about hidden cloud costs like these.

These issues are more troubling now that many enterprises are using multiple cloud services. “The Meta-Cloud, where enterprises use many different cloud service providers (CSP) is a significant trend in the adoption of off-premises cloud services,” said Cliff Grossner, Ph.D., senior research director for data center, cloud and SDN at IHS Markit. “In a recent IHS Markit report, respondents indicated they expected to be using on average 8 different CSPs by 2018, which will drive the need for solutions making it easy to manage performance, automate application deployment and optimize costs for enterprises building Meta-Clouds.”

Unigma lets IT managers and MSPs understand their cloud costs in detail, and offers tools to keep these costs in check. In fact, before you even sign a cloud contract you can understand the costs by using the Unigma cloud calculator, which details the prices of AWS, Azure and Google clouds.

In the latest version of the Unigma solution, users have full visibility and a unified single pane of glass view into multiple clouds, including costs analytics with real-time views into all expenses.

With Unigma, IT admins and service directors can perform a thorough cloud cost analysis, including spotlighting cost savings through unused load balancers and databases. You can also get a total insight into the utilization and cost of your cloud resources. This information offers precise and detailed recommendations on how to optimize your AWS, Azure and Google spending.

The MSP View

MSPs are increasingly becoming cloud service providers, and they need to help clients get on the best-fitting cloud platform, manage that platform, and contain costs.

One cost is what the MSP needs to charge for management services. Through Unigma’s automation, MSPs and IT shops can manage clouds far more efficiently and at drastically lower costs.

Here are some of the items that Unigma automates.

Database restartVirtual machine elocation
Database snapshotVirtual machine resize
Instance resizeVirtual machine restart
Instance restartVirtual machine start
Instance startVirtual machine stop
Instance stopWeb app scale up
Instance terminationWeb application restart
Volume create snapshotWeb application scale out
Volume detachWeb application start
Volume attachWeb application stop
Volume deletion

Learn more about the monitoring and automation Unigma Cloud Manager  offers as well as the latest developments in Unigma Cloud Management Suite.


Doug Barney was the founding editor of Redmond Magazine, Redmond Channel Partner, Redmond Developer News and Virtualization Review. Doug also served as Executive Editor of Network World, Editor in Chief of AmigaWorld, and Editor in Chief of Network Computing.

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