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We are Building Bridges to Deliver Better Support

We are bridging the gap between Customer Support and Development by transitioning highly specialized support staff into a Tier 3 role.  These individuals work closely with the development team, in their area of expertise, to acquire deeper skills that allow them to assist their support colleagues with both training and issue resolution.  Additionally, this work with development enhances their ability to correctly prioritize issues and ensure timely resolution.

This role also assists in driving improvements in our products.  The team gathers and collates feedback from the field and pushes it into the development cycle in order to continually improve the product, based on what we hear from the customers.

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UPDATE: Kaseya Network Monitor 4.1 coming to Kaseya MSP customers for free…

Kaseya Network Monitor - world class it systems managementToday we announced that Kaseya Network Monitor 4.1 will be given to our amazing base of MSP customers this quarter.  KNM 4.1 represents the first integrated version of KNM since our acquisition of Intellipool last spring and a major enhancement to the monitoring capabilities of our service provider customers.  We’re so proud of our customers and want to empower them to do even more which is why we are giving them KNM 4.1 for up to as many devices as they have on their core Kaseya license.

UPDATE:  Here’s the letter from Gerald Blackie with links to download!

Click here to read the full press release.

Click here to learn more about what KNM can do to help you better serve your customers.

No Free Lunch, but we do have some Free Tools!

We are excited to be able to offer a set of indispensable systems management tools for anyone doing IT.  With these 5 monitoring tools you’ll be able to leverage the world class Kaseya monitoring technology for some specific, high value tasks.  So here’s what we have for you:

  • IIS Monitor – This monitor will give you direct insight into your key IIS performance metrics.
  • Ping Monitor – Using ICMP you can call targeted devices on a a defined interval to check its up/down status and then report on the history.
  • Router Monitor – Leveraging SNMP, the Router Monitor tools can query your network devices so you can monitor all aspects of the device’s utilization.
  • Syslog Monitor – Syslog is  a bit of an underdog in the world of monitoring.  It talks and talks but does no one any good unless you have a good tool to listen and parse all those messages.
  • Website Monitor – This monitor will query your web page, behaving like a visitor and then graph response times and allow for alerts to be built around collected data.

Download now these tools now!  These tools are built on our latest systems management monitoring technology you can find in Kaseya Network Monitor.   Have fun!

Sound off in the comments and let us know what you’re doing.

K2 6.1 Has Arrived!

Today is a very exciting day for all of us at Kaseya.  We just released version 6.1 of our K2 platform.  This update brings many features, and performance enhancements, and continues to expand the idea of truly web-based single-pane-of-glass IT systems management.  There is a lot  Let’s get you straight to the good stuff.  Here is some information to help you learn about and prepare for 6.1:

Official word on 6.1.

This update is available now for all current customers AT NO CHARGE.  That’s right, FREE!   If you have any questions about your maintenance or current license status call Customer Service or give your account manager a call.

We’ve created a webpage filled with resources to help make your move to 6.1 simple.  Enjoy this update.  We would love to hear from everyone about what you’re most looking forward to in 6.1.  Quick View anyone?

Kaseya Customer Champ Group formed with HTG Members

Today we are happy to announce the new Kaseya Champs Group formed with our friends at HTG Peer Groups.  The Kaseya Champs Group will provide key HTG members with product resources, including training and best practices, as well as offer a venue for Kaseya to gain valuable customer feedback and guidance.   We have a great group of customers who are also HTG members and look forward to working even more closely with these champs.

Click here to read the full press release.

Click here to learn more about HTG Peer Groups.

Announcing Kaseya IT Center!

We are so excited today, to be announcing Kaseya IT Center!  This cloud-based offering brings K2 into the cloud in a pay-as-you-grow model.  “Using IT Center in the cloud helped me jump start my managed service business without the need to buy hardware and install software,” said Michael Trivision, CEO, Ember Labs Inc.

IT Center includes:

  • Discovery and IT Inventory
  • Patch Management
  • Help Desk
  • Performance, SNMP and Log Monitoring
  • IT Automation Procedures
  • Management Reporting
  • Live Connect Remote Access
  • IT Service Delivery Kit
  • Support for servers, workstations and notebooks running Windows or Mac OS X

You can read the press release.

For more information on Kaseya IT Center:

Kaseya Enhances Systems Management for IT Service Providers

Kaseya Master IT Service Edition (MITSE) delivers a proactive, results-based IT service model, enabling service providers to increase productivity and reduce costs

Kaseya has unveiled an enhanced range of features and functionality for its new on-premises Master IT Service Edition (MITSE). A robust framework for managed service delivery, MITSE is a next-generation solution for automating recurring IT tasks to extend service capabilities. It includes the widest range of functionality to provide more services at a lower cost. MITSE is ideal for service providers managing any number of seats that need a consistent interface to manage and automate IT tasks across their clients’ networks with ease.

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Kaseya Meets Growing Demand for Remote Access and IT Troubleshooting Tools

Kaseya IT Toolkit makes Kaseya’s powerful technology accessible and affordable to any IT professional

Kaseya has unveiled Kaseya IT Toolkit. This new offering provides a low-cost solution for IT professionals seeking an easy to use set of IT tools for instant remote access and troubleshooting. This offering is part of Kaseya 2, the next generation of the company’s IT management suite, and is now available on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) monthly subscription basis.

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Kaseya Free makes remote access technology accessible to everyone

Kaseya has unveiled Kaseya Free, which provides secure remote access on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis. The offering is part of Kaseya 2, the next generation of the company’s IT management suite. Continue Reading…

Kaseya’s Robust IT Systems Management Solutions Deliver Enterprise-Level Results for Every Size Business

Kaseya Enterprise Edition and Small and Medium Enterprise Edition improve productivity, reduce cost for corporate IT departments

Kaseya has revealed details on its new corporate IT systems management products: Kaseya Enterprise Edition (EE) and Small and Medium Enterprise Edition (SMEE). The two new on-premises products, part of the company’s recently announced Kaseya 2 product family, are ideal IT systems management solutions for any IT department looking to streamline processes, reduce complexity and increase staff utilization and end-user satisfaction. Continue Reading…

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