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3 Key Mobile Device Management and Security Steps Educational Institutions Should Focus On

Today’s college and university students are mobile and technology-savvy. They arrive on campus with an array of mobile devices including tablets, smart phones, gaming devices and laptops. They roam wirelessly – downloading music, chatting, texting, and sharing videos. They are untethered from wires… and often from concerns about mobile device management and security.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of On-Premise and Cloud Solutions for Education IT Managers

As the price of storage and bandwidth continues to drop, cloud-based IT management services are becoming more attractive to educational institutions that need to reduce costs. Cloud-based IT management services minimize licensing costs and eliminate the need to hire additional education IT staff while enabling an increased level of service to all stakeholders – administrators, educators and students. Continue Reading…

IT Management Education Technology… BYO Has Begun!

BYO, it’s begun. Bring your own technology… bring your own devices… the trend towards personal technology being an essential tool in learning is here. School district leaders are trying to figure out how to support many different devices in their buildings as state and federal funding for education gets tighter every year. Online IT management education tools and collaboration software are another big trend. Both of these trends will only continue to grow.

This creates security problems. IT doesn’t know what’s been added or changed on student machines. Students readily download the latest freeware, use peer-to-peer networking sites for file sharing and visit social networking sites that are comprised of downloadable content from literally everywhere.

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Automated Education Systems Management to Overcome Tight IT Budgets

In the educational world, in order to address the goals and needs of administrators, educators and students, IT pros must have effective education systems management in place. In these uncertain economic times, colleges and K-12 school districts are looking to control costs wherever possible. Decision makers are examining all expenditures to see where to cut costs and install greater efficiencies.

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Why K-12 Schools Need to Automate IT Systems Management

To get a better sense of how K-12 schools view IT automation, we surveyed IT professionals, administrators and superintendents from 175 districts nationwide. Survey goals included finding out how deeply automation has penetrated the market, measuring attitudes about automation and determining what percentage of schools are exploring their automation options.

Download this report and explore the results of the survey, focus on the IT concerns expressed and outline why IT automation delivers tremendous benefit for K-12 school districts of all sizes, and across all geographies. You’ll also learn about the real-world savings and ROI that schools realize when implementing automated IT systems management solutions.

Like Chris Stroupe (Director of IT for KIPP Houston) says:

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Virginia Tech IT Systems Management Environment

Leaders in a variety of fields conduct research on the Virginia Tech campus. It’s vital that the school provides its faculty with an IT systems management platform to cultivate talent and investigate academic pursuits. At the same time, Virginia Tech must provide technology infrastructure for interaction between university researchers and business, government and community organizations.

Virginia Tech remote systems management

The university division charged with making connections between Virginia Tech researchers and external organizations is the office of Outreach and International Affairs (OIA). By applying results achieved in the classroom and in the laboratory to real-world IT systems management applications, OIA helps disseminate university research around the world. To support OIA’s mission, Virginia Tech developed Outreach Information Services (OIS) to research, initiate, design, create and manage new and existing technologies and data systems.

Faced with managing a geographically disparate IT environment with a small staff, OIS needed a more efficient systems management solution to ensure systems’ health and the availability of research data on the network. OIS also needed a more reliable tool to keep track of each project and the resources the university dedicated to it.

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IT Network Management Security in Education

IT departments in the education sector need to simplify security without sacrificing control. Schools need comprehensive, easy-to-manage network management solutions that enable IT staff to focus on one primary objective: providing a safe and available network for learning.

Every day, tech savvy students circumvent district policy with web-based proxies. In extreme cases, students are putting their new-found technology skills to illegal use. It’s common to hear in the news about schools that have been compromised by tech savvy students. Students have been caught hacking computer systems and installing spyware on school hard drives in order to access sensitive information from remote locations.

IT network management for educational environments

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London Borough of Camden Schools’ IT Systems Management Support


IT automation for education environments

The Camden Council administers the London Borough of Camden, an area of 22 square kilometers in the heart of London. Camden Council is tasked with maintaining and managing a huge range of buildings, services and facilities including a large number of primary and secondary schools, as well as colleges and learning centers. Overseeing IT systems management support services for more than 2,200 desktops and servers in 54 educational facilities across the Borough was a complex task for Camden Council’s team of 18 full-time engineers.

Lee Carn, Technical Team Leader at Camden Council, explains: “While schools across the Borough are not geographically distant, the inner city location meant travel to schools could take engineers as much as an hour each way for every visit. Our schools were suffering as we couldn’t attend to their problems as quickly as they needed us to, and engineer productivity was low due to time wasted traveling.”

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Automated IT Asset Management, Inventory and Reporting


web-based asset management for educational IT

If you’re an IT administrator in an educational organization, you have to manage an ever growing plethora of IT stuff without enough IT staff.  Budget constraints and board requirements impede your ability to grow your staff. The expansion of 1:1 computing in education is a noble initiative, but it guarantees a continued expansion of your IT asset management base.

To respond in a timely manner and effectively manage this growing environment, you need comprehensive IT asset management software and hardware inventories of servers, workstations, mobile devices and applications on the network. This task increases in difficulty as the network expands beyond the walls of your educational organization to multiple remote locations. This environment is virtually impossible to administer without IT asset management and reporting automation.

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Questions to Determine Your Education IT Best Practices for Patch Management

Is every education IT department patching as effectively as it could be? As education IT environments become more complex and the waves of patches continue to increase, introducing changes on the fly is no longer an option. Without a cohesive best practice approach, proactive patch management is an elusive goal.

Students can’t benefit from information technology if it isn’t up and running. A key element is ensuring that your school district has the latest software security to protect vital programs from malware, viruses and other critical threats. Patch management best practices deploy the latest, most effective strategies for protecting technology resources from a rapidly evolving array of hazards.

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