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Making Sense of MSP Merger & Acquisition Mania


M&A activity is remaking the MSP competitive landscape, with new announcements made almost daily.  MSPs ignore this ongoing M&A ‘mania’ at their own risk. Every MSP must evaluate all options and determine their preferred plan, whether it’s to buy, sell, merge, or stay the current course.

Let’s look at some of the pluses and minuses of for each option, factors to consider when evaluating the right approach, and leading drivers on valuations.

Evaluating Options

Not surprisingly, you need to determine your strategic end-game before evaluating which M&A option suits your MSP.  If you don’t know where you want to go, it will be very hard to find the right path.  Just to make thing more fun, there is often more than one way to get to your destination.
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How to Learn to Love an IT Audit

An audit! Among IT professionals, audits have a bad reputation. They are believed to be something to be dreaded, lying somewhere in the continuum of suffering between a root canal and being mauled by a bear. Auditors are seen as being either sadists who enjoy inflicting pain on their victims or zombie-like beings devoid of any measure of human compassion or humor.

Let’s take a quick look at audits from an IT perspective and consider whether or not those views are valid. We should start with a review of what audits are, their objectives, and their methods.

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IT Management Community Participation Extends Knowledge and Adds Value

Waltham Community Meetup

This week I attended a Kaseya “Local Meetup” event in Waltham, Massachusetts, and it struck me again just how important it is to have a strong IT community. In the Meetup evaluation forms, virtually everyone who attended said that sharing ideas with like-minded people was a key benefit to attending the event. Without exception, everyone left the meeting with new contacts and friendships in the IT management community.

A few things about the meeting really hit home:

Tips and Tricks:

Kirk Feathers, a leader in the Kaseya technical community, led a “Tips and Tricks” session, sharing interesting and innovative approaches to maximize the usage and benefit of IT management tools, both from Kaseya and its partners. Everyone in the room chimed in, asking questions and offering their own insights. Copious notes were being taken. And more than once, two or more people set up follow on conversations on particular topics.

Collaboration Groups:

Establishing collaboration groups is a great way to stay in touch and share information. Chris Anderson, Director of Managed Services for Infranet Solutions in Quincy Massachusetts, shared a great story about collaboration groups. I met Chris earlier this year at “Kaseya Connect,” our annual user conference. During his three days at the event, Chris made it a point to build out his community contacts to the point where he is now part of a formal group which is sharing automation scripts. Using existing scripts and creating new ones is key to efficiently and effectively managing large numbers of endpoints. Chris tells me that the collaboration group’s sharing of ideas and actual scripts is substantially improving their speed-to-automation.

Feedback and Input:

Mads Srinivasan, product manager for Kaseya’s mobility management solution, shared the latest mobility management development work, complete with a demonstration. The purpose was to obtain feedback and input from the group on the features and presentation layer. The session had a good 30 minutes of excellent feedback and suggestions. Mads had an ulterior motive in that he wants 100 beta customers to test out the latest work; virtually everyone in the room signed up.

Time before and after the event was reserved for networking and everyone took advantage. People had a chance to meet the many Kaseya leaders who were present, but more importantly, they built out their IT management community connections. By the end of the event, business cards were swapped, and emails were exchanged all around.

This experience also reinforced the importance of the “Kaseya Community” program, which includes sponsoring these local Meetups, forums for sharing, event postings, etc. All Kaseya users should join to share information and learn about the latest happenings.

Author: Tom Hayes

Five New TechJams Starting!

Kaseya Support is AWESOME!

Kaseya Support Specialists routinely document commonly asked questions, configuration techniques, and troubleshooting steps in knowledge base articles. To enable our customers to get the best from the product, we have brought these resources together to form the foundation of the Kaseya Support TechJam sessions.

Space is limited! To register, click on any of the links below:

Mar 21 @ 8am PDT (US) – Service Desk

Mar 28 @ 8am PDT (US) – Info Center / Reports

Apr 04 @ 8am PDT (US) – Agent Procedures

Apr 11 @ 8am PDT (US) – Data Backup

Apr 18 @ 8am PDT (US) – Monitoring

Much more than a product demonstration, Kaseya Support TechJams are designed to bridge the gap between the platform user guide and real world scenarios so that you can build upon your knowledge and practical experience of Kaseya.

These weekly sessions will run for approximately 50 minutes, and will include time for customer questions.

If you have any questions at all, please contact

Kaseya Connect 2012 is around the corner!

Kaseya Connect 2012 starts in just 6 days!  The team here is so excited for this year’s conference.  More sessions, more customers, more sponsors!  The sponsor interest was so strong, we’ve actually run out of places to put them.  Not a bad problem to have.  The attention of the sponsors is great confirmation that Kaseya customers are seen as fantastic opportunities that some of the best vendors in the world want to reach.

One of the best things about Kaseya Connect is the opportunity to network with other IT execs and professionals from all over the world, so we’ve built some specific networking opportunities this year as well as the expanded Partner Pavilion where you can find all the world class vendors.  As always we have the Product Lab which has more than doubled in size this year.  In the Product Lab, attendees will get a chance to connect directly with engineers and product managers for all of our products.  New this year is our Industry Expert Pavilion where attendees can connect directly with the members of our Industry Experts Program.

If you aren’t joining us in Vegas next week, be sure to follow along on our social channels.  We will be live streaming select sessions and to follow along with all the social buzz on twitter just visit the Kaseya Connect website from any device to keep up with the latest.

News from RAMP 2012: Software allows retailers to remotely manage all solutions

Retailers with numerous point-of-sale solutions, kiosks and digital signs have the challenge of keeping each system updated and running properly.

“Particularly with kiosks, they can’t be sending people to every single kiosk to update them to make sure they have the latest version of software and patching and security,” said Ray Barber of Kaseya, a company demonstrating its solution last week in Chicago at the Ramp conference. “They need to be able to do that remotely.”

Many retailers, including Redbox, use Kaseya to manage and secure all their devices wherever they are distributed. The Kaseya software allows them to manage their infrastructure from one place, Barber said.

Click here for a more in-depth interview with Barber.

Announcing Kaseya Network Monitor version 4.1

Kaseya integrated network monitoring


We’re excited to announce Kaseya Network Monitor (KNM) 4.1 is NOW available!

Join us on Tuesday, March 20th for a live webinar to see how KNM provides rich monitoring and reporting of almost any kind of network-attached computer or device. KNM 4.1 adds support for VMWare environments and is included as part of the standard product.

You’ll learn how KNM can:

  • Monitor VMWare environments (Supports ESX 4.1 & ESXi 5)
  • Verify SLAs for external cloud services
  • Alert when key services are down
  • View Toplists of key management indicators
  • Kaseya Network Monitor roadmap

Click here to register today!

Kaseya Support TechJams Return!

Kaseya Support is AWESOME!

Whether you’re new to the platform, exploring new features, or just need a refresher, you will be pleased to know that Kaseya Support TechJams are back by popular demand!

The past year has seen both the platform and customer base grow exponentially.  As such, we have many new features and modules to cover for a wider global audience.

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Kaseya Road Show is Coming to Southern California!

Kaseya Road Show is on the move.  During these FREE half day events we’ll cover product, service and customer support updates for 2011 as well as provide some valuable tips/tricks and best practices to add to your IT arsenal.  Additionally, for attending this event you will receive a 40% discount on a Kaseya Certification test!

Come see us at our next location:

Anaheim, CA – Thursday, September 8

The event will be from 8:00am – 12:00pm.  (Breakfast and lunch provided!)

Click here to register.


Upcoming Webinar: Making Operation IT More Strategic

Do you feel like a business partner or just a service provider? Do you struggle to make your voice heard in larger organizational decisions?

If you’re the CIO of a large Fortune 500 company, the strategy for being viewed as influential sounds straightforward: attach yourself to revenue generating projects and measure value in $ROI.

But what if you’re the CIO of a smaller organization?

These business world strategies don’t translate as easily for SMB CIOs. Technology for these tends to be squarely focused on operations and support, which can sideline IT’s bigger goals and broader decision-making role in favor of “just keeping the lights on.” To make matters worse, most end-users only ever get to see the “bad side” of operational IT, i.e. when a worker’s machine isn’t working or their internet connection goes down.

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