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Day In the Life of a System Administrator – What Would You Do with More Free Time?

Do you pass the shower test in the morning? No, this isn’t referring to how clean you are – it references your attitude about your job.

Are you an IT manager or systems administrator who wakes up in the morning eager to start the day? Do you think about how good the day is going to be while taking your morning shower? Are you excited to get to work? If not, there’s a way to recover the magic and pass the morning shower test. Let’s look at a typical day-in-the-life in IT operations.

Why You Might Not Pass the Test

As an IT manager, you have a tremendous amount of responsibility in planning and directing the IT systems activities in your company. Installation, maintenance, and oversight for every piece of hardware and software fall into your lap. On good days, it’s a challenge. On typical days, it can be a migraine in the making.

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A Little Holiday Cheer for your Computer…

Let’s be honest most of us all stare at a screen of some sort for a good part of the day.  Well, in the spirit of the holidays we thought we’d share some beautiful and sometimes fun holiday desktop wallpapers.

This blogger’s favorite in the Tongue Stuck on Lampost.  🙂



Click here to see the full set of free wallpapers via @SmashingMagazine.