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Kaseya MSPs Rank Highest Worldwide

Kaseya has always been at the front of the pack in terms of tools that successful MSPs use to run their businesses. Its not a brag, well it is a brag, but its also a fact. Kaseya MSPs continue to dominate the MSP Mentor 100 list globally.

Let’s look at a break down of how many MSPs running Kaseya were represented on the various lists:

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Kaseya MSPs are the best in the world! Time to dominate the MSP Mentor 100. Again!

Kaseya MSPs dominate the MSPmentor 100Kaseya MSPs are the best in the world.  We can say that in part due to MSPmentor.net and the MSPmentor 100.  This year marks the 5th annual MSPmentor 100 list, a list which has always been filled with the best and brightest MSPs. Last year was a significant evolution of the list in terms of the average profile of the MSPs, yet even with that evolution, we are proud to see more than 50% of the Top 100 MSPs worldwide are Kaseya customers!  Its confirmation yet again that Kaseya customers are inudstry leaders and set the bar for managed services and it systems management providers all over the world.

So this is our call to you, our Kaseya MSPs.  Please complete to the survey here, to be considered for the MSPmentor 100. Joe and his team over at MSPmentor do a great job of profile the applicants and looking for meaning, not just numbers to establish which MSP truly deserve this honor.  With the global growth of the MSP market, there will be regional lists published as well, so don’t let your geography hold you back.  Kaseya MSPs are the best in the world.  Let’s make sure the world knows it.

Customer Offers $1 Million in cash for latest version of Kaseya!

It was a normal day at a average trade show with average turnout, and average activity until something special, something unique, something not so average happens. A gentleman approached the Kaseya booth and very calmly asks for a demo. Jeff Keyes from our Product Marketing team politely obliges with a very informative overview demo of our it systems management solution. Highlighting things like the robust Agent Procedures, Live Connect, Kaseya Antivirus and Antimalware, the demo goes well and concludes with little fanfare. Jeff takes a deep breath and prepares for the inevitable questions. Right on cue the customer asks about pricing and with glint in his eye and a wry smile, Jeff replies: “For you? A million dollars.”
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Kaseya to Help City Year Focus on Keeping Kids in School


Every 26 seconds a student gives up on school in America.  City Year is a fantastic organization dedicated to helping youth around the world stay in school. City Year has offices all over the country and over 1000 systems that needed fast, secure, and comprehensive it systems management. Tired of shipping laptops back and forth, they sought a solution to reduce shipping costs, downtime and user frustration.

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Doing IT right for the people doing right in our communities…

Kaseya loves to see people helping people. In this case, Kaseya customer, NPower, DC, helps by delivering the right IT services to non-profit organizations doing the right things in our communities.  Hear their Kaseya story and how the Kaseya Solution has enabled them to deliver great IT service to their deserving customers.

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Do your computers outnumber your people?

At Advanced Motion Controls there are twice as many computers as there are employees!

Click here to hear their Kaseya story.

Kaseya Customer Champ Group formed with HTG Members

Today we are happy to announce the new Kaseya Champs Group formed with our friends at HTG Peer Groups.  The Kaseya Champs Group will provide key HTG members with product resources, including training and best practices, as well as offer a venue for Kaseya to gain valuable customer feedback and guidance.   We have a great group of customers who are also HTG members and look forward to working even more closely with these champs.

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How to make ITIL a reality…

As the latest offering in our free Innovation Series webinars, join us at 11am PST on 11/16/10 as we speak with Greg Franseth, Director of Information Services, University of Kentucky about his work to put ITIL in action using IT automation.

In prior webinars, we’ve discussed that ITIL is a journey, not a destination, and successful deployment requires flexibility and commitment on multiple levels to see true improvement. With technological expertise provided by Javier Esteve, Enterprise ITIL Services, Kaseya, this conversation will take a deeper dive into best practices and execution of ITIL projects, exploring how the University automated many of their transformational changes through the use of IT automation technology.
We’ll look at the details of the technologies as applicable in any Enterprise environment, challenges and opportunities for Corporate IT, and  before-and-after analysis of the ITIL process with moderator Anthony Juliano, CTO, Landmark Ventures.

Please register for this free webinar by clicking here.

Join the Kaseya Innovation Series Webinar – Oct19 – Is ITIL Worth It?

Kaseya Innovation Series Webinar – 10/19/10 at 11 AM PDT/ 2 PM EST – Conversations by Executives for Executives
Applications & Shortcomings of ITIL Processes: Is ITIL Worth Implementing?

ITIL best practices continue to gain momentum among corporations looking to advance their IT effectiveness and efficiencies. But with IT budgets still on lockdown across many enterprises, can CIOs justify the implementation costs of a process with few short-term advantages? Will trends toward automation, with tools like Kaseya Enterprise Edition, make ITIL easier to execute in the future, and will there ever be a truly manageable means of implementation?

Join us on October 19 for a free panel discussion with Fortune 500 Enterprise Technology leaders as we discuss:

  • Why are the concrete benefits of ITIL so difficult to pin down?
  • Does ITIL need to become industry specific to continue to be relevant?
  • Is the rigorous nature of ITIL truly necessary to achieve significant improvements — are there alternatives with similar ROI?
  • As IT organizations are restructured to take advantage of ITIL process maturity, have CIOs fully examined the strengths/weaknesses to the service approach?
  • Is the ITIL push simply a buzzword response, or will the trend continue?

A live Q & A session will follow. We hope you can join us!

Kaseya Innovation Series Webinar – Is ITIL Worth It?
October 19, 2010
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Kaseya Connect Recap


If you were able to join us a couple weeks ago in Las Vegas for Kaseya Connect 2010, you’re now back to the daily grind. If you didn’t make it out this year, time to save a date for next year.

Either way, most of the content from the user conference this year is up at KaseyaConnect.com Be sure to check out some of the great content there.

Sound off in the comments with your favorite session or best takeway.

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