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7 Capabilities Your IT Asset Management Software Should Provide

Are you one of those IT administrators that is trying to manage a constantly growing inventory of all types of devices, software and network infrastructures via an IT staff that isn’t growing, possibly even shrinking? Well, it’s virtually impossible to administer this complex, always evolving environment without IT asset management software and reporting automation. Here are the capabilities your IT asset management software should provide:

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Automated and Centralized IT Asset Management

Automation of IT asset management  A consolidated and centralized approach to IT asset management  is crucial for effectively managing computers, software and non-computer assets. The criticality of software compliance, the desire to implement industry best practices such as ITIL, and the need to track resources from purchase to retirement are driving automation of IT asset management.

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Automated IT Asset Management, Inventory and Reporting


web-based asset management for educational IT

If you’re an IT administrator in an educational organization, you have to manage an ever growing plethora of IT stuff without enough IT staff.  Budget constraints and board requirements impede your ability to grow your staff. The expansion of 1:1 computing in education is a noble initiative, but it guarantees a continued expansion of your IT asset management base.

To respond in a timely manner and effectively manage this growing environment, you need comprehensive IT asset management software and hardware inventories of servers, workstations, mobile devices and applications on the network. This task increases in difficulty as the network expands beyond the walls of your educational organization to multiple remote locations. This environment is virtually impossible to administer without IT asset management and reporting automation.

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